As a Harvard Graduate with Economics concentration, Kent Kim has published 16 books in Korea and has lectured for more than 23 years at institutions including a number of Government City Halls, Army, Air Force, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Handong University, LG, Samsung, SK, and etc.

He has organized the Dragon Forum for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals for the past 2 years.

Dragon Forum has provided an offline platform to connect business leaders around the world to create more opportunities for like-minded leaders to collaborate on more innovative endeavors together in ever more uncertain future.

The Dragon Forum has been formally invited by 2020 Dubai Expo by Moosha Al Maxim of Dubai. 

In 2018, he also founded Amble Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group to further promote a stronger networked future which decentralization and blockchain technology will bring forth.

Over the years, he has closely coordinated with the former UN SG Ban Ki-Mun who is also the Harvard Kennedy School graduate.

Kent Kim was the MC for UNAI in 2011 and have collaborated with the Ministry of Construction in Korea and UN WFP Korea office to initiate the National Bicycle Cross Country Ride from 2016 to 2017 for two consecutive years.

To continue supporting UN WFP, he is currently working as one of 20 advisors for UN WFP Innovation Center in Munich, Germany.

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