28-29th, March 2019


Crypto Exchange Exhibit

We are extremely excited and proud to present the very first Cryptocurrency Exchange Exhibition: CEX 2019.
CEX Korea will be held at Intercontinental Parnas Hotel on March 28-30, 2019.
Actual Crypto Coins are outnumbered by Cryptocurrency Exchanges as more of them are currently being launched. In fact, at this very moment, one more exchange is being opened around the world.
There are many Conferences centered around Blockchain Technology and coins; however, there aren’t enough Conferences that mainly focus on Crypto Exchanges.
That is exactly why we have decided to hold the very first Crypto Exchange Exhibition in the beginning of 2019. 
Spring is also a right time to visit Korea as February is still a cold time to travel. 
2018 was a year of excitement and confusion for the many of us. Stock markets around the world collapsed in chain reaction and many countries experienced inflammatory inflations that easily vaporized Economic outcomes over the years.
Who is to blame? Is it the government of wrong leadership? Is it the greedy bank with an interest rate about to explode? Many middle income earners are more than ever need to be cautious to prevent erosion of valuable assets and wealth.
Will the Cryptocurrency be able to hedge many existing financial problems? Or is it just another bubble that is about to blow all of us? 
The future is uncertain and volatile. That is exactly why we need to face it today rather than turn away and run away from new technology. We openly welcome Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to educate ourselves and dare to experiment with innovative souls out there. 
We welcome all the Crypto Exchanges out there, whether it’s old or now, whether it’s profitable or not, general public can learn so much and gain invaluable knowledge and information. 
Kent Kim

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