Private Meetup

Until the December of 2017, people in Korea could not openly express their interest in Cryptocurrency. Most of people who talked about it was multi level marketers with only interest in quick cash.
When the price of Bitcoin hit $30,000 in Seoul, many people could not believe what was really going on.
Time to time, one could hear about Blockchain on TV; however, the mass public was just fed up with iOT, AI, AR/VR, 5G and SNS which consumed their daily lives. Simply put, people just couldn’t keep up with new knowledge pumping out everyday in 2017.
On January 1st, 2018, we quickly assembled a team of Blockchain experts to form AMBLE which first started out as a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community in Korea to study together this new hype.
Focusing on Weekly Study, and both Private and Public Meetups, members gathered to further explore the practical future of faster and simpler fintech, more safe and reliable fundings, faster blockchain on efficiency, and the sharing of economy based on trust.
Since January in 2018, we have hosted more than 60 meetups in South Korea. With all the experiences gained, we have successfully carried out the first Blockchain Innovation Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel Parnas in Seoul, Korea on July 19th, 2018.
In 2018 we are planning to provide more than 200 private meetups with the format we perfected though the Dragon Forum: 
Welcome to AMBLE and we look forward to meeting you at next meetup.
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